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Student-managed Class Website (Wordpress) Project

Student editing team tasks

  1. Allocate students to teams eg. sports, art, interviews, cameraman, producer
  2. Vote for chief editor
  3. Take a photo of the new editing team in an interesting, unique setting eg. on the adventure playground
  4. Chief editor needs to upload this photo to a new post and write the first post for the new team
  5. Include each team member's jobs eg. Sports editors: Will and Jordan
  6. Decide on a deadline for this issue (eg. T3 Week 10)

Create your wordpress account

  1. Your teacher will invite you to join wordpress
  2. go to your DEC email and accept the invitation
  3. go to Wordpress.com and create your account
  4. use your first name and initial of your surname in your wordpress account name and your DEC email address
  5. login to wordpress and go to your class wordpress site
  6. follow
  7. comment on a post to check that your account has been recognised

Interview tasks

  1. identify suitable interviewees for your team eg. in SPORT, interview Miss Wilcock as organiser of the Athletics Carnival
  2. prepare interview questions
  3. build CONTEXT
    1. include introduction: who are you? who are you interviewing? what is the interview about?
      1. eg. Hi my name is …. and I am interviewing …. about …
    2. some questions need to be closed (short answers)
    3. some questions need to be open (open-ended, much more interesting for the listener)
    4. brainstorm questions (no more than about 5-6)
    5. sequence questions in a logical order
    6. practise on someone
    7. rewrite your questions out neatly
    8. ask your teacher to photocopy the questions for the interviewee
  4. request a convenient interview time with the subject
  5. give the subject the photocopy of the questions before the interview
  6. be on time for the interview
  7. make sure your camera is charged
  8. take a spare camera
  9. take the tripod
  10. take the clapperboard
  11. set up the interview area in a quiet location
  12. lock the door to avoid interruptions during filming
  13. make sure the natural light (from a window) is behind the camera, shining on the subject
  14. thank the interviewee at the end and sign off eg. ““this is ….from the 6S superstars signing off
  15. ensure all equipment is returned and packed away

Allocate writing tasks to class members

  1. introduce the team including the chief editor and various editing teams to the class
  2. present the theme of this issue to the class
  3. discuss the types of articles required for this issue with the class
  4. identify and/or allocate various writing tasks to class members
  5. provide rubrics for the various writing tasks
  6. record names of volunteer writers in the blog book
  7. decide on a deadline (usually no more then 2 weeks)
  8. remind everyone 1 week before the deadline
  9. show class where to submit their writing material (in-tray)
  10. Editor-in-chief to record all submissions on class list

Select appropriate writing material for this issue

  1. read all submissions
  2. review rubric for each piece of writing
  3. provide feedback to all student submissions (you may ask some to do a small rewrite/edit)
  4. select successful submissions
  5. copy/paste submissions into new posts
  6. insert appropriate media

Create new posts on the blog

  1. Decide the topic/title of the post
  2. write your post or introduction for class submissions
  3. Save draft
  4. insert media (photos or video)
  5. make sure your photos have a caption
  6. do not include surnames
  7. make sure that you have received permission to publish from subjects of the photos, videos

Media Management

  1. Record in the website book the ID number of the camera being used for every interview and photo shoot
  2. make a 'website issue 1” folder in your class collaboration folder
  3. make a media folder inside this issue's folder
  4. take more than one photo for each idea
  5. look at all the pics and videos and select the ones you wish to use
  6. always save your selected photos as .jpegs in your media folder
  7. always save your videos as .mp4 files in your media folder
  8. only rename the photos and videos you select for the website
  9. make sure you return the camera and its mini usb cord to the teacher as soon as you are finished
  10. charge the camera for the next session

Finally, have fun!

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