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How to Embed Resources into Edmodo

You can embed many third-party tools into Edmodo - This provides one way of hosting an entire project in a single Edmodo post. This works best when projects are posted to the entire class so others can view and comment on them.

To embed third-party content into Edmodo, complete the following steps:

  1. Create an account on the site that will be hosting your remote content (see Wallwisher example below).
  2. Save your remote content once you have created it.
  3. Find the EMBED code for your third-party content.
  4. COPY the embed code into your clipboard or into a temporary file.
  5. Go to Edmodo and log in.
  6. Enter some text into the box that says “Type your note here…”
  7. Click on “Link”
  8. Click in the 'link' box and and PASTE your EMBED code into the box labeled
    http:// or embed
  9. Click on the “Title of the web page” box and create a text label to describe the remote content.
  10. Click on ATTACH.
  11. In the “Send to…” box, type in the name of your group/class and POST!

For example

This video shows:

  1. How to embed resources on Edmodo
  2. How to create an assignment on Edmodo
  3. How to embed a resource on an assignment.
Fig 0. The embed code for this video (to be copied into Edmodo), looks like this:
   frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

NOTE: You can copy the code 'as is' or you may choose to edit the 'width=' and 'height=' values to better fit into the Edmodo page… or to reduce the width of the embedded content, to hide a side-menu (see example below).

An example of and embedded site using modified height and width are shown at the end of the Embed a 'Wallwisher Wall Into Edmodo' section below. It is not necessary to edit the embed code.

NOTE: Remember that due to DEC filtering, some content may display when viewd by teachers but no display when viewed by students.

Using the embed code in Edmodo does not work well for all resources. For Wallwisher, it is probably better to add a link from edmodo to the wall rather than use the embed code: the edmodo page width is too narrow to effectively embed Wallwisher - content becomes very difficult to manage and the sytem becomes flakey. Using the embed code may be an option for sites that are otherwise blocked. Needs more testing.


Howto Embed a Wallwisher Wall Into Edmodo

A 'Wallwisher wall' is like a blank piece of digital paper - except that you have some control over who can view it. You put anything you want on it, anywhere… and then visit the wall direct… or embed one or more walls into an Edmodo note. When embedded into Edmodo, user who have logged into Edmodo may collaborate by adding and moving items around the Wallwisher wall from within Edmodo. Teachers may optionally require new wall items to be moderated before they appear on the wall.

Depending on how the wall has been embedded into Edmodo, the Wallwisher sidebar menu may be hidden and the author/teacher may have to login to Wallwisher direct to gain full control of the content of a particular wall.

Fig 1. Frame moved to right-hand-side to hide menu (above)

Fig 2. Frame aligned to show menu and reduced height to save space (above)

Example of varying height and width (using the Dkuwiki iframe plugin) - For completeness only - You can safely ignore this :)

The above links are active - feel free to double-click in either screen, add content and play! 8-)

Embed Wallwisher Into Edmodo (as per Fig 1. & Fig 2. Above)

Visit the Wallwisher site, login using your existing personal/teacher account, or create account for this and all subsequent visits

Building a Wall: Click on the 'Create Wall' option in the sidebar - click the 'Modify' panel of a wall to see what all you can modify. If you create a wall without logging in or signing up, you may be unable to edit the wall after 24 hours. You may still be able to post on it, but you may be unable to change the title, privacy settings etc.

Viewing a Wall: To view an expanded version of a post or its attached multimedia, just click on it. Once expanded, use left and right arrow keys to slide through posts.

Creating Wall Content: Add textual information to wall items, including:

  • 'post' (a text segment) - double click to add a new 'post', or 'drag and drop' a file from your computer desktop onto the wall.
  • Rich Text (bold, italics, quote, code, lists). Enter text and then select the words to 'enrich': a toolbar will automatically pop up and display editing option… or select word(s)/sections and use the following Keyboard shortcuts:

Bold Ctrl + b

Italic           Ctrl + i
Numbered List    Ctrl + k
Bulleted List    Ctrl + j
Superscript      Ctrl + l
Subsrcipt        Ctrl + h
Undo             Ctrl + z
Redo             Ctrl + Shift + z
Increase indent  Tab
Decrease indent  Shift + Tab
Clear formatting Ctrl + m

Add Multimedia: At the bottom of the post, there are options to add a link, upload a file, or take a picture from webcam. You can add any kind of file/links - videos, images, documents. If using iOS6, it may be possible to upload photos and videos via browser or direct from the eEdmodo App - For example: http://learninginhand.com/blog/now-you-can-upload-photos-and-videos-to-websites-from-your-i.html

Drag & Drop: Just use you mouse to select, drag and drop.that? On 'touch-screen' devices (iPhone, Android tablets and similar), tap and hold for a second before starting to drag (this is to prevent accidental drags).

Resize: For non-touch devices: Drag the bottom right corner. For 'touch-screen' devices: Pinch!

Edit: Only the author and the wall owner can edit or delete a post. Double-click/tap to edit a post. To moderate posts, visit the wall. The posts that require moderation have a confirmation box at the bottom.

Privacy: From the side menu, choose who is authorised to view content of this wall. * Choose who can read content?

  • Anyone
  • Only me
  • Who can write? Choose the people who can post on this wall.
  • Anyone
  • Only me
  • Moderate posts? If you choose “Yes”, posts by others require your approval before they can be seen publicly on the wall. Posts requiring approval have an APPROVE button below them. Visit this wall to approve posts.
  • Yes
  • No

Share: Find the URL, embed code and other sharing options via the Share option in the sidebar. Each wall has a unique

  • 'URI' that can be used to create links in external web pages etc.
  • 'Embed' code to embed the wall in blogs and other sites.
  • 'RSS link' to allow a user to 'subscribe' to the latest status of a wall.

Wallwisher will create a random URI for each wall, or you may customise the URI in the wall sidebar: http://wallwisher.com/wall/eleebana01

Visit Wallwisher.com for more detail.

{{url>http://wallwisher.com/wall/eleebana01|Default Example Wallwisher }}
{{url>http://wallwisher.com/wall/eleebana01 650px,300px left|Size 650x300 Example}}
{{url>http://wallwisher.com/wall/eleebana01 320px,240px right|Size 320x240 Example}}

Embedding Glogster & WebDoc into Edmodo

Compared with Wallwisher, WebDoc and Glogster are more sophisticated examples of content collaboration tools.

Glogster is an excellent option for simple projects of ten or less students or larger numbers of students if your school can afford the subscription charges (the free Glogster version will only allow each student to create one free Glog).

WebDoc is very user-friendly and allows students to be creative with their project layout. Participants can put almost anything into a WebDoc : pictures, videos and music from all over the web, but also interactive applications like games, polls, slideshows or web services such as Google Maps and Twitter. Anyone can start a conversation naturally with just one friend or all of them, and users can both friend people and follow conversations.

How to embed: http://www.webdoc.com/documents/2d26b395-75d5-4605-a26d-81ae06f765da

Into: http://notanotherhistoryteacher.edublogs.org/2011/11/20/web-doc-is-like-glogster-but-so-much-better/

Embed Etherpad into Edmodo

Etherpad lite allows you to edit documents collaboratively in real-time, much like a live multi-player online editor, allowing you to write articles, proposals, press releases and the like, together with your firends, your fellow students or your colleagues, working on the same document at the same time. It even supports rich text editing! http://etherpad.org/#about

<iframe src='http://pad.test.de/p/PAD_NAME?showChat=false&showLineNumbers=false'
 width=600 height=400></iframe>


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